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Love -- And Learn To Understand -- Thy Neighbor

Saw this article today and consider it worth sharing, not just for the conclusion drawn by this former Marine officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but moreso for his explanation of why so many people are supporting Donald Trump: He says in part:

"I can appreciate the frustrations of Trump’s base. Values they hold dear now seem smugly derided as quaint. The mainstream media comments on them but does not represent them. Even when reporters deign to visit middle America, the stories often seem written as a subtle inside joke for the coasts."

Ouch. But I get it. I get it that a lot of Americans are tired of people with fancy degrees from elite universities telling them that they know what's best for them. I get it that the political establishment in Washington is seen as beholden to moneyed interests and to each other. And I get it that they want someone from outside to come into government and clean house.

But I hope they will listen to the voice of someone who has seen what happens when good people let anger, mistrust, and division take control. And I hope they will keep that in mind not only when they vote on Nov. 8, but more importantly, on Nov. 9 and beyond.

G-d Bless America.

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