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I'm a writer, attorney, newspaper reporter, and retired director of publications for a federal government agency. I started writing books about US government when my oldest daughter—then in first grade--asked me if I could “make a book on how the government works.” So I did, and I sent it to a bunch of publishers, and was fortunate to get it published.

Shortly after it came out, my younger daughter, predictably, asked me to write a book for her, too. So I asked her what to write about, and she said "cool things about presidents." That’s how my second book came to be.


When my editor asked me if I had any more book ideas, I told her that my older daughter suggested the first book, and my younger daughter suggested the second book, but now I was out of ideas. So my editor said: "You know, Mr. Sobel, you should have had more kids." That was in 2000. Both girls are now out of college, I've had five books published, and self-published one. I love telling stories and helping kids learn about our country's history, its system of government, and their responsibilities as citizens.




July 2, 2020

There’s an old legal adage that goes something like this:

“Your right to swing your fist ends where someone else’s nose begins.”

That’s a colorful way of saying that while we all have rights, our rights end where someone else’s rights begin.

For the pas...

June 5, 2020

(Published in the Scranton Times-Tribune, June 4, 2020)

In my children’s book on civics, “How the U.S. Government Works,” I explain to young readers what the U.S. was like under the Articles of Confederation. I describe how each state had its own rule...

May 29, 2020

I am lucky. I know I'm lucky. The pandemic, so far, has had little direct impact on my family. To our knowledge none of us have  gotten it, we have plenty to eat, a safe place to live, and have remained employed.

I am sympathetic to people who are str...

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View more of Syl's writings, including his award-winning high school sports reporting in The Town Courier, a local newspaper in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts is both interesting and easy to understand.For a simple, straightforward explanation of the election process, this book is hard to beat.


Direct and easy to understand as branches, checks and balances, and rights are defined and explored. It's a useful addition to the study of U.S. history and government.


Just in time for this year's presidential election, this book offers clear, concise explanations of the constitutional rules for electing a president and lots of interesting tidbits of historical information about the presidents. The book  serves well as a supplement to social studies texts in elementary and middle school.





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July 16, 2020

Guest Speaker

Ocean Pines Public Library

Ocean Pines, MD 

June 13, 2020

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Chesapeake Children's Book Festival

Easton, MD

November 08, 2019

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Oppenheim Institute on Social Justice

Temple Hesed

Scranton, PA

October 05, 2019

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Quince Orchard High School

Gaithersburg, MD

May 22, 2019

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Quince Orchard High School Athletic Awards Night

Gaithersburg, MD

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See Syl's C-SPAN appearances on BOOK TV at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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